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About SnapSwing

Our goal with SnapSwing was to create a fully functional overspeed training aid, to help you reach your full speed potential, all without breaking the bank. Each club is weighed before shipment to ensure each of the three settings are within the proper range for effective safe training.

What is Overspeed Training?

Golf overspeed training is a sport specific nervous system hack to get an athlete to swing the golf club faster. 

Overspeed training “tricks” your brain to unlock its restriction (think of it like taking the governor off of your golf cart) on your ability to go as fast as you can. When you swing a club faster than you normally do, you can unlock the "hidden" speed you already have inside of you, and instantly start swinging faster.  In some cases it is as much as 5 mph or more in less than 10 minutes. 


Three words - Ball go Far!!

Jon, 4 Handicap

4% gain in my first month of using it. Highly recommend.

Mitch, 11 Handicap

I really like the convenience of just one club and adjusting the weights. I was looking for a lower priced option to get into overspeed training and this is exactly what I was looking for.

Miles, 6 Handicap